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Sep 02,  · NBA Style Files: Kobe Bryant’s Best Fits Sep 1, adidas and Nike, you can focus more on your game and less on what you’re wearing. The Right Soccer Shoes. Do you play on artificial turf, natural grass or a hard court? And for hard-court players, indoor soccer shoes with flat rubber soles give the traction required. Soccer Cleat.

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Apr 15,  · According to the American Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine (AAPSM), 68 percent of NBA players wear a high-top shoe, 15 percent a mid-top shoe, and 10 percent a low-top basketball shoe for regular play. The AAPSM recommends that a player's choice depend on what fits properly. Don’t hesitate to save it on your computer and print it out for your friends or players (if you are organising a pub quiz) Which NBA team was Michael Jordan playing for in –86? Jelly Shoes; You may also be interested in: 80s Music Lyrics Quiz: 45 Quiz Questions about lyrics from songs from the Eighties. Feb 20,  · Converse. A timeless shoe style from the s was the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars. Luckily, these shoes are still around! They aren’t all that popular, but it’s pretty easy to get a pair if you really want. These shoes are extremely simple. Not many colors, typically just white on the bottom and something like pink or blue on top.